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Elementary Device Distribution

In the spring of 2016, the Upper Arlington Board of Education approved a plan to expand the one-to-one technology program to the elementary level. Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, students in kindergarten through second grade receive iPad Air tablets, students in grade three receive iPad Pro tablets, and students in grades four and five receive 11-inch MacBook Air laptops like those used by students in grades six through 12. 

For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the Elementary One-to-One Technology FAQs page.

Technology Fees

The Upper Arlington School District has implemented an annual technology fee for the 2016-2017 school year of $50 per student that will help fund the one-to-one technology program. If you would have difficulty paying this fee, please contact your building principal or school counselor.

In addition, families will have the option of purchasing a technology protection plan for $45 for the 2016-2017 school year. Please refer to the Technology Protection Plan tab on this page for additional details and plan specifics.

Additional Information and Resources

For additional information and resources for students receiving MacBook Air laptops in grades four and five, please visit the Secondary One-to-One Technology page.   

Acceptable Use Policy

Bring Your Own Device Form (for families who choose to have their student bring his/her own device)

2016-2017 Forms Packet (due at device pickup)

Receiving and Returning your iPad

One iPad, one charger, one power cord, one protective case, and one carrying case will be distributed to each student during device distribution dates as set by the Upper Arlington School District.   Parents/Guardians and students must sign and return the iPad Loan Agreement and Technology Protection Plan paperwork and pay the district’s Technology Fee before the iPad and accessories can initially be issued to a student.

iPad Check-In

iPads and accessories must be returned to the building Learning Center at the end of each school year, so they can be checked for serviceability.  If a student transfers out of the district during the school year, the iPad and accessories must be returned to the building Learning Center at the time of student withdrawal.   Students who graduate early, withdraw, are expelled, or terminate enrollment in the Upper Arlington City School District for any other reason must return their school iPad and accessories on the date of termination.

Check-In Fines

If a student fails to return the iPad and/or accessories at the end of the school year or upon termination of enrollment in the Upper Arlington City School District, the student will be billed for the replacement cost of the iPad and/or accessories. Furthermore, the student will be responsible for the cost to repair any damage to the iPad consistent with the District’s Technology Protection Plan.

Caring for your iPad

The iPad and accessories are school property and all users will follow this policy and the Upper Arlington City Schools Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for Technology.  Students are responsible for the general care of the iPad and accessories they have been issued by the school.  Any laptop that is broken or fails to work properly must be taken to the helpdesk in the Learning Center for an evaluation of the equipment.

General Care

As recommended by Apple, use only a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth to clean the screen. Avoid getting moisture in openings. Do not use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives to clean the laptop.

  • iPads, power cords, and chargers must remain free of any writing, drawing, stickers, or labels that are not the property of the Upper Arlington City School District. 

  • Students may decorate the case provided it does not cover the district tags on back. 

  • iPads must never be left in an unlocked locker, unlocked car, or any unsupervised area or bag. 

  • Students are responsible for coming to school with their iPad fully charged. 

  • Students should avoid leaning on top of the iPad or placing anything on top of it. Placing too many items in a carrying case or backpack could also put too much pressure on the iPad. 

    To prevent damage, iPads should not be near food or drink.

  • Keep iPads out of extreme temperatures, away from hot or cold surfaces, and away from water or dampness. 
Freezing conditions will damage components and impact battery life.

  • The iPad is provided for the sole use of the student to which it is assigned. Students should not lend their iPad, charger/sync cable, or case to other individuals. 

  • Keep iPads off the floor where they could be stepped on or tripped over. 

  • Do not disassemble or attempt to do any physical repairs to the iPad.

Technology Support

Technology support for iPads will be available during the school day at the student helpdesk in the Learning Center.  After-hours support is available through the AppleCare agreement provided for all devices.  Students may go to or call 1-800-MY-APPLE.  AppleCare will provide support for troubleshooting and technical glitches, as well as how to use Apple-specific programs such as iMovie or Keynote.

Carrying iPads

Students are required to keep their iPad in the supplied protective case.  When carrying the iPad home, please avoid placing too much pressure and weight on the iPad to and from school.

iPads Left at Home

If students leave their iPad at home, they are responsible for getting the coursework completed as if they had their iPad present. If a student repeatedly leaves his/her iPad at home, he/she will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Students may also face restrictions or loss of iPad privileges.

Personalizing your iPad

Screensavers and Background Photos

Students will have the ability to customize their iPad (screen background).  You may personalize your lock screen and home screen with appropriate media.

Students will have the ability to customize their iPad background with school-appropriate media.  The presence of guns, weapons, alcohol, and/or drug-related symbols or pictures are not permitted per school/district policies unless related to academic purposes. The presence of pornographic materials or inappropriate language is not permitted per school/district policies. You are required to passcode protect your iPad and keep the passcode confidential. At any time, a school administrator may request your passcode to access this district-owned device.

Using your iPad

Protecting Your Data and Files

It is recommended that students regularly back up data to their Google Drive provided by the school. Syncing your device and/or backing up your device regularly will allow the restoration of all data. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that work is not lost due to mechanical failure or accidental deletion.

Do not expect that files stored on your iPad will be private. Upper Arlington School District officials may review your files and communications at any time to ensure you are using the iPad appropriately.

Students are responsible for the appropriateness of all files, data, and internet history on your iPad. Do not take photos or video of other students or staff without their permission. The possessing, forwarding, or uploading of unauthorized photos or video to any website, network storage area, or person is strictly forbidden. Do not access another individual’s materials, information, or files without permission.

Instructional Use

You are responsible to bring your iPad to school every day. If you do not have it, you must complete all work as if it were present. Students may face disciplinary consequences for forgotten iPads.

Bring your iPad to school fully charged every day. It is your responsibility to have sufficient battery life for your expected use while at school. Limited access to a charging station will be available in designated areas. Updates to Apps and the iPad software are released periodically. It is your responsibility to keep your device updated and synced prior to class.


Sound must be muted at all times unless permission is obtained from the teacher for instructional purposes. Appropriate music is allowed on the iPad. Ear buds/headphones are the responsibility of the student. Ear buds/headphones may be used in the classroom based only upon individual teacher approval.

Acceptable Use

The use of the Upper Arlington City School District’s technology resources is a privilege, not a right. The privilege of using the technology resources provided by the Upper Arlington City School District is not transferrable or extendible by students to other people or groups (such as siblings) and terminates when a student is no longer enrolled in the district.  The district’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) policy is provided to make all users aware of the responsibilities associated with efficient, ethical, and lawful use of technology resources. If a person violates any of the user terms and conditions named in the AUP, privileges may be terminated, access to the school district technology resources may be denied, and appropriate disciplinary action shall be applied. The Upper Arlington City School District’s Student Code of Conduct shall be applied to student infractions.

Students may not jailbreak, modify, or in any other way tamper with the iPads operating system (iOS). Removing any or all installed Profiles is strictly forbidden.

Violations may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension and/or expulsion for students. When applicable, law enforcement agencies may be involved.

Students will be responsible for the entire cost of repairs to iPads that are damaged intentionally, stolen, or lost, unless the incident is covered by the Technology Protection Plan.  An iPad that is stolen must be reported immediately to the main office.  The administration, technology department, and the appropriate police agency will conduct a full investigation and report.

Protecting and Storing your iPad

iPad Identification

Student iPads will be labeled in the manner specified by the school. iPads can be identified based on serial number. Do not remove your iPad’s identifying labels or markings.

Storing Your iPad

Students in grades 1-3 are encouraged to take their iPads home every day after regardless of whether or not they are needed.

Repairing or Replacing your iPad

Upper Arlington City School District recognizes that with the implementation of the iPad initiative there is a need to protect the investment by both the District and the student/parent. Therefore, we have set the following guidelines in place.

Damage or Loss

Take your iPad to the Student Helpdesk in the Media Center if you experience any technical problems. If it cannot be fixed at that time, a loaner iPad may be issued to you, if available. All iPad policy agreements remain in effect for the loaner iPad.

If your iPad is stolen or damaged by another party, please report it to the office immediately. Your claim will be investigated further by the school district and/or the appropriate police agency.

Accidental damage causing the iPad to be unusable is the responsibility of the parent/guardian unless they have paid for the Technology Protection Plan.

Technology Protection Plan

If paid, the Technology Protection Plan will release the parent/guardian from having to pay for loss or damage for the following reasons:

  • Damages resulting from normal use and accidents.

  • Loss or damages resulting from theft.  An official copy of a police report is required.

  • Loss or damages resulting from a fire.  An official fire report from the investigating authority is required.

  • Loss or damages resulting from a natural disaster.

  • Damages resulting from a power surge.

  • Damages resulting from vandalism by another individual.  If found guilty, the vandal will be liable to pay for damages.

  • The Technology Protection Plan will only cover two incidences per school year.

  • The Building Administration will determine if damages were due to negligence or accident.

  • Exclusions (parent/guardian will be liable for entire replacement cost of the device):

  • Intentional damages.

  • Lying on any damage report.

  • Not carrying the iPad in a district-provided protective case.

  • Negligence (including loss from carelessness).

  • Loss or damages resulting from fraudulent, intentional, or criminal acts.

Personal Home or Homeowner’s Coverage

Students or parents may wish to carry their own personal insurance to protect the iPad in cases of theft, loss, or damage. Please consult with your insurance agent for details about your personal coverage of the iPad computer. However, the student’s liability is limited only by Upper Arlington City School District’s policies, not the private policy. If the private policy will not cover the full cost of the damage or loss, the student is still responsible for the difference.

Intentional Damage

Students/parents will be held responsible for costs associated with ALL intentional damage to iPads including, but not limited to: broken screens, cracked plastic pieces, inoperability, etc. Should the cost to repair exceed the cost of purchasing a new device, the student will pay for full replacement value. Lost items such as chargers and cables will be charged the actual replacement cost.

Price of All 4 Parts

  • iPad Air:  $370

  • iPad Case: $30

  • Charger: $20

  • Cable:  $20

Vandalism and Theft

In cases of theft, vandalism, and other criminal acts, a police report MUST be filed by the student or parent.

Please note: You will be issued one protective cover, one carrying case and charger/sync cable with your iPad. You will be responsible for purchasing additional or replacement supplies if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will each student receive?

Students in kindergarten through second grade will receive iPad Air tablets, students in grade three will receive iPad Pro tablets, and students in grades four and five will receive 11-inch MacBook Air laptops like those already used by students in grades six through 12. 

When will students receive their devices?

Students in grades one through five will receive their devices on August 19, 20, 26 and 27. Kindergarten students will receive their devices in the classroom and do not need to register for a distribution appointment. 

How will device distribution work?

Devices will be distributed to students in grades one through five at Hastings Middle School.  Families will sign up for a 90-minute window of time on August 19, 20, 26 or 27.  Students will go through a number of stations to complete the necessary paperwork and/or payments (e.g. Acceptable Use Policy, Technology Protection Plan).  Once they have completed these steps, students will receive their device and will take the time to setup their device before leaving.

Can I help with the rollout?

Yes! Principals will send an email to ask for assistance.  Parents may volunteer for a 3-hour window of time on any of the rollout dates.

Is there a policy for loaner devices?

We will have devices in learning centers that are available to lend to students and staff.  If a staff or student device is not working properly, it will be checked in through the LC and a loaner device will be available. 

Will kids take devices home over the summer?

No. Devices will be collected before summer and will be kept in the district. If it is necessary to do updates and/or fixes these will be completed through this summer process. 

May students opt out of receiving the iPad/MacBook Air?

In the 2016-2017 school year, all students will have receive a device as a part of their personalized learning experience at school.  If the family does not wish to take after-school responsibility for the device, then the device will stay at school 

Do I have to pay for the iPad/MacBook Air?

Families will be charged a technology fee of $50 annually. The school district owns the device and will lend them to each student annually.  Parents will have the option to purchase the Technology Protection Plan ($45). 

Are students able to take the iPad/MacBook Air home?

As the year begins, elementary students in grades one through five will be able to take their devices home. Kindergarten devices will remain at school.

Students in grades one through five will use their devices for in-class work and for homework assignments.

How do I monitor my child's use of the iPad/MacBook Air?

Talk with your child about appropriate use of the Internet and what they post. Have your student use the device in public rooms of home.  The website has a lot of great ideas on Internet Safety.  Charge the iPad/MacBook Air in a public area of the home, not in the bedroom.

Internet Filtering tools for home, such as OpenDNS, Securly, K9 Web Protection, are options families can use.

Can my child personalize his/her iPad/MacBook Air?

Absolutely. The district has tools installed on the laptop so that we will be able to add district software as necessary for items such as testing and class-specific tasks. Your child will be able to establish an account in Apple’s App Store and could add applications if necessary for their school work, store their music in iTunes and keep photos in iPhoto.  Any personalization must be school appropriate and in compliance with the district’s Acceptable Use Policy. 

What’s the Technology Protection Plan?

During the 2016-17 school year, parents/guardians will have the option to purchase the technology protection plan. The cost will be $45. Those wishing to purchase the technology protection plan must purchase this prior to or as part of the rollout. This agreement covers the MacBook Air lent to the student against all incidental damage or loss over $50.  Accessories (charger and case) and damages valued at less than $45 are NOT covered and are the sole responsibility of the student/family.  Coverage is 24 hours per day.  NEGLECT/ABUSE IS NOT COVERED.  The Technology Protection Plan will cover two incidents per school year.

How do I buy the Technology Protection Plan?

At the iPad/MacBook Air distribution, parents/guardians can pay by cash or check. You can also purchase it online through the district’s online payment system, SPSEZpay. 

What if the device is stolen, lost or damaged?

Accidental damage causing the iPad/MacBook Air to be unusable is the responsibility of the student/family unless they have paid for the Technology Protection Plan.  In the event of damage or technical difficulties, students should take their iPad/MacBook Air laptop to the student helpdesk in the learning center.  If the device cannot be fixed at that time, a loaner iPad/MacBook Air may be issued to the student.  All iPad/MacBook Air policy agreements remain in effect for the loaner MacBook Air.  If a student’s iPad/MacBook Air is stolen or damaged by another party, please report it to the office immediately.  Your claim will be investigated further by the school district and/or the appropriate police agency. For more information about what is and what is not covered please reference the Student Device Handbook.

What if my child already has the device s/he would receive, can s/he use that one instead?

Yes. You may fill out the Bring Your Own Device form and your child my bring their own device as long as it meets the appropriate specifications. The district will not be able to manage this device or add apps if necessary. This will be the responsibility of the parents.

Where does my child go for tech support while at school?

Each building will have a Help Desk area located in the building’s media center.

If my student leaves Upper Arlington City Schools, where do they turn in their iPad/MacBook Air and supplies?

The equipment can be turned into the Help Desk area located in the building’s learning center.

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