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School Counseling Services are available in grades 9 through 12. There are full-time counselors in the Counseling Center to assist students with their academic, career, college, and personal-social interests and concerns.

Services provided by the counseling program are for ALL students. School counselors are available to every student who wishes to discuss matters such as career planning, educational planning, college planning, and personal and social development issues. In addition to individualized counseling, materials are available in the Counseling Center, the College Center, and the Learning Center concerning areas of occupation or college information. Each student desiring a well-planned school program is encouraged to talk with a college counselor in the Counseling Center whenever questions or problems arise.

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Amy Aspengren 

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Allen Banks 

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Matt Biedenbach 

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Liz Hughes 

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Mary Anne Nyeste 

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Heather Peebles 

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Cynthia Ballheim

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IB/AP Program Coordinator


Kathy Moore

College Counselor

Office Phone: (614) 487-5222


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